Motorized or Hand Operated Rectifier

  • A low voltage high current DC power supply with oil cooled regulator and oil cooled transformer.
  • 3 phase 415V AC fed into motorized or hand operated oil cooled dimmer regulator. Regulated output again connected to oil cooled step down transformer with oil immersed diode rectifier.
  • Close loop controller with current raise or lower command
  • Protection and annunciation circuit
  • DC Voltage: 0 to 20VDC
  • DC Amps: 0 to 4000Amps
  • RC network
  • Input MCB (optional)
  • DC over Voltage
  • DC over Current
  • Motorized or hand operated oil cooled dimmer /regulator
  • Electronic controller for current raise lower control
  • Oil cooled transformer with oil immersed diode rectifier assembly
  • Rough in nature and suitable for corrosive environment
  • Simplified version of control circuit for easy maintenance
  • Controlled output for marginal variation at input voltage and load resistance on MOP.
  • Compatible to operate from customer PLC for remote operation.