• The HIRECT EoT unit is placed in a rugged enclosure with adjustable mounting bracket. The end-of-train devices (EOTs) provides information about brake pipe pressure measured at the rear of the train, and various status conditions.
  • The EOT also processes and responds to HOT Instruction, for example emergency brake commands, train passages acknowledgement command.
  • The air supply from the BP will be given to the EoT unit. The air Generator inside EoT unit will convert the pneumatic energy into DC supply, which will power the unit.
  • EoT unit reports its current location to the HoT unit in regular interval. The radio unit used in both HoT and EoT are designed as per AAR S9152 V2.1 standard
  • Equipped with Air turbine Generator and Battery
  • USB and Ethernet for Data extraction and Debugging.
  • High Visibility Marker light
  • Disabled train Warning Light
  • 16 X 2 LCD Display
  • Event Recorder
  • GNSS Receiver
  • 4G Module for Remote data
  • Radio unit (AAR standard)
  • SBU for Emergency Brake