Brake System for Electric Locomotive

Computer Controlled pneumatic Brake system with Electro-Pneumatic Auxiliary equipment has been made according to the RDSO specification number RDSO/EL/SPEC/2017/0126 REV ‘0 Dated : FEB 2017.


The design has made fully indigenously in Hind Rectifiers Limited.
The System consists of following:

  • Electronic Controlled pneumatic Brake controller consists of electronic charging Discharging Valve for Brake Pipe and Brake cylinder. The panel has additional Fully Mechanically operated valve for failsafe operation at the time of Electronic Failure. The mechanically operated valves can operate brake system at the time of power failure and fully complied with UIC540
  • Electronic Brake Handle (both Loco Brake SA9 and Formation Brake handle A9). 2 x 20 based LCD display is available for showing different fault status and mode of operation etc
  • Auxiliary Pneumatic Panel for Controlling Feed Pipe, Pantograph, VCB, Unloader, Sander etc
  • Electronic Vigilance Control Computer
  • Soft PLC based Computer for controlling overall brake system. It consists of multiple Digital and Analog 10 Cards with ARM Processor based cards. Communication Protocols used are CAN for backbone real-time communication, Ethernet for Diagnostic Data, RS485 and RS232 for additional communication.
  • Multifunctional Vehicle Bus (MVB) Gateway for communication with VCU Can be additional plugin feature.
  • Graphical Display panel / Electronic LED based Gauge for different pressure display (Driver Desk ‘B’ Panel), like MR, BP etc
  • Automatic Brake Blending feature is available. It can give command to propulsion system for proportionate electrical brake apply
  • Additionally, Distributed power operation feature is implemented in brake Electronic Computer. Serial port is given to communicate with radio or GPRS system
  • Brake handle to Brake Computer and Electronic Controlled Brake Valves are communicated with CANopen Protocol