Senior Executive/ Senior Engineer

Nashik (Satpur)
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Designation Senior Executive/ Senior Engineer
Location Satpur, Nashik
Department Purchase
Qualification BE/ BTech Mechanical
Experience 7-8 years in Power transformer or Traction transformer
Required Skills 1.      Core Experience in Zero based costing, Commodity items procurement, Supplier development

2.      Negotiation Skills: Negotiating favourable terms and contracts with suppliers.

3.      Communication Skills: Effective communication ensures clear expectations with suppliers and teamwork within the organisation.

4.      Market Knowledge: Staying informed about industry trends and pricing fluctuations is essential for informed decisions.

5.      Supplier Relationship Management: Building and maintaining strong supplier relationships fosters cooperation and trust.

6.      Inventory Management: Proficiency in managing inventory levels prevents overstocking or stockouts.

JD 1.      Sourcing Suppliers:  Identifying and evaluating potential suppliers. Negotiating contracts and terms for procurement.

2.      Cost Management: Analysing and managing procurement costs. Implementing cost-effective purchasing strategies.

3.      Supplier Relations: Establishing and nurturing relationships with suppliers. Resolving conflicts and addressing issues promptly.

4.      Quality Assurance: Ensuring the quality and compliance of procured goods. Implementing quality control measures.

5.      Inventory Control: Maintaining optimal inventory levels. Reducing excess or obsolete stock.

6.      Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating procurement risks. Developing contingency plans.

7.      Commodity Prices: Monitoring the market prices and accordingly prepare the strategy.

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