Hind Rectifiers Limited
An ISO:9001:2008 Company
Locomotive Transformers Manufacturers in India


Locomotive transformers from Hirect cater to the production units of Indian Railways. Hirect is also involved in the Rehabilitation and upgradation of the transformers for locomotives and electrical multiple units being used by Indian Railways. With its technical expertise Hirect has successfully designed and manufactured transformers as import substitute for old locomotives.

In the early Eighties HIRECT entered the field of Locomotive Transformers. Starting with the repairs of various transformers for WAM4, WAG2. HIRECT Supplied new Transformers 3900 kVA, 5400kVA for WAG5 & WAP7 goods and passenger locomotives. High power transformers 6500KVA and 7500kVA are offered by Hirect for the Three phase locomotives.

Hirect supplies 1000kVA conventional and 1550kVA modular transformers for the EMU's.

Locomotive Transformer 6500-3phase-transformer