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High Voltage Rectifiers

High Voltage

Power Supply for Electrostatic Precipitator Environmental protection concerns take centre stage today when it comes to fossil-fired power stations and particulate polluting industries. Improved efficiency and enhanced pollution control not only helps to get closer to the objective of a clean environment but also helps industries save valuable raw material going waste. Hirect Power Supplies for electrostatic precipitators with their particularly high efficiency and control leads the way towards clean Environment.

Salient Features of Transformer Rectifier Set

Transformer Rectifier Set
  • Compact design, ONAN cooling with conservator & breather
  • Hermetically Sealed Construction with corrugated expandable fins
  • EHV grade mineral oil used for ONAN cooling
  • Unique insulation system for silicon oil filled transformers
  • High impedance transformer with in-built current limiting choke
  • Electrostatic Shield between Primary and Secondary windings
  • Proprietary high voltage rectifier stack design consists of module cards with silicon diodes with RC protection across each diode to protect the bridge from the stored charge from the ESP
  • Complete internal assembly is lid mounted for ease of maintenance and repairs

Salient Features of Controller

ACE-16 Controller
  • The most advanced microprocessor energisation system ACE -16, designed specifically for electrostatic precipitators
  • Self diagnostics, intermittent energization, soft start
  • Optimum control at the flashover limit, Back corona detection and control
  • Greater efficiency in dust collection and significant power savings
  • Communication with central command station/DCS/PLC/PC
  • Automatic data logging and remote monitoring capabilities